I ran into a pile of Brazilian 78s at a house-sale in Ravenswood Manor last summer. This one is Narcisos, a ritmo de samba side, by Waldir Calmon, on the Star label out of Rio de Janeiro, 1952. He made many recordings in his long career as a musician and innovator.

Mr. Calmon (1919-1982) was the first performer in Brazil to use the solovox, a small keyboard instrument that was the forerunner to the synthesizer. His plaintive single note runs were widely imitated by the next generation of Bossa Nova and Samba: and particularly by the iconic Antonio Carlos Jobim.

Nerd note: this take is doubly-so great because the shellac is in pristine condition and there is the most minimal of hiss/surface noise.

Waldir Calmon – Narcisos <<<PLAY

Brazilian composer Paschoal Melillo doing a characteristic baiao, which is the name for the basic rhythym of this music. Baiao, samba and bossa nova are the three most important structures in Brazilian folk sounds.

On the Rio de Janeiro label Copacabana from the early 50s, Ciganinha is a right example of this type of music and its intentions: warm, virtually always in a major key, and ever so swinging. A perfect warm weather tune, with or without the caipirinha.

Paschoal Melillo e Seus Guitarristas-Ciganinha <<PLAY