Time Travel At 78rpms is a blog about 78 rpm records which I collected after I found a great-sounding portable record player at a thrift store for peanuts on the dollar. Serendipity bloomed into an obsession with visceral history.  Also, I have not digitally “cleaned” up the songs, i.e. reducing or altering certain frequencies in order to even out hissing, scratches or surface noise. This is how the music came off the .3 mil stylus into the audio interface into my MacBookPro.


From the turn of the twentieth century to about 1960, 78 rpm recordings were produced, sold and otherwise; 78 refers to the number of revolutions per minute. Some of the earliest records were played anywhere from 60 to 92 rpm. Originally, and well into the 1950’s, these records were made of a compound which was mostly of pitch, but also shellac and carbon. Shellac is a resin which is secreted by the kerria lacca, a tree inhabiting, reddish insect roughly 0.03 inch long. During the Second World War these records were recalled by the United States government for the purpose of pulverizing and recycling the material for use by the military. For example, shellac can be used to block out windows as it does not reflect light. The rarity of some 78s is a direct effect of the war effort.

4 Responses to “All About”

  1. Andy Karzas Says:

    Hi, Konstantin

    Perhaps you remember me … we met at the restaurant several months ago when I came in one evening with Bruce Witkov and his friend Ken. I was a 78 rpm collector for many years … but a recent house fire took me out of the collecting circle, though I still have much memorabilia and printed material, largely on classical and opera recordings. I enjoyed seeing your site on 78s and would love if possible to be included in future mailing!

    I have had a copy of a program I did on Maggie Teyte ready to give you for several months. And did I hear that you greatly admire Licia???

    Warm regards,


  2. Kara Says:

    I very much enjoy your blog. Not one to read blogs, yet your’s is captivating. very nice to look upon as well.

  3. Viva Paschoal Melilo

  4. DE SAEDELEER Didier, Belgium. Says:

    What after december 2011 ? 78 little revolutions and vanisching ?

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