Dear Most Honorable Tomomi Stankiewicz,                                                                                                                                                                             

I found this amazing 78 rpm folk recording, on the Japanese Victor label, at some junk store on Lincoln Avenue.

The song is entrancing, so musical & overwhelmingly meaningful, but I do not know what the record label says or what the lyrics hope to reveal. Will you help out with the translation and interpretation? so that we can all better understand this beautiful music??

Best & Regards,


Japanese Victor 78 rpm – 52016-A <<<PLAY

UPDATE: Courtesy of Lucy (Akiyoshi) Dierks

The singer of this song is Koume Akasaka (1906-1992). She was a geisha in her young life and

later on became a renowned songstress, also appearing in movies. The title of this Victor side

alludes to a Japanese city, Sasebo. The stringed instrument heard is the shamisen, common in

Japanese folk and classic works.

Miss Akasaka’s version of the Kuroda Bushi is her most famous recording.

Thank you to Lucy for her insight, kampai!